Carey Mulligan’s New Dye Job, Gluten-Free Beauty, And More
Carey Mulligan debuted her new brown locks at the New York Film Festival. [BellaSugar]
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A 36-year-old fashion mogul’s secret project is out. His plan? To buy up fallen fashion houses and bring them back to life. [Fashionista]
Take a trip down memory lane via these amazing moments in denim history. [Glamour]
Being gluten-free doesn’t just apply to food. Find out if you should buy into it for your beauty routine. [Fashionista]
Founded in 2005 and generating a whopping $1 billion in sales in 2012, here’s the incredible story of Chobani yogurt. [NY Mag] 
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Carey Mulligan just LEAPT to the top of my hair color inspiration list.