Yesterday when I posted that Instagram picture of my sneakers, I also mentioned having a new workout playlist. The article above is how I put it together.

If you’re like me and struggle with setting and keeping a solid pace for your workout, Self has put together a formula for building the perfect 40 minute playlist with song suggestions for warming up, sprinting, recovering, and cooling down. Definitely worth checking out!

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I survived!

Update on this post: Thanks for all your tips and advice! I survived! Once I got over the initial shock of “my entire front section hurts & why would anyone find this enjoyable”, I actually really liked it! The instructor was a good mix of intense and nice and any workout playlist that combines Flo-Rida, David Guetta and Florence and the Machine is something I’m on board with.

NYC Girls: If you’re looking for a good gym, I highly recommend Boom Fitness, which I just joined after hearing my roommate rave about it forever. Good classes, nice setup and if you go in with a Living Social/Groupon/Amazon Local deal (they’re on there often), they’ll only charge you $1 initiation/activation fee for a full membership.